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4th Age 3D Printing


Bloody Elves

Lord of Bloody High Elves Foot Elrond Foot
Lord of Bloody High Elves Mounted Elrond Mounted
Bloody High Elf Knight Rivendell knights
Bloody Elf Banner Mounted Rivendel knight with banner
Bloody Elf Commanders (Banner) on Foot High elf with banner
Bloody elf warriors Spear and Shield High Elf with spear and shield
Bloody elf warriors Sword and Shield High Elf with shield
Bloody elf archers High Elf with bow
Bloody Elven High King Mounted Gil Galad foot
Bloody Elven High King foot Gil Galad Mounted
Demon Slaughterer Elf Glorfindel foot
Demon Slaughterer Elf Glorfindel Mounted
Bloody Elf Commanders (Captain) Captian foot