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4th Age 3D Printing

Website Overhaul, New Designers and New Events!

Website Overhaul, New Designers and New Events!

Whew! It has been a crazy few months since our last post.

We moved our workshop to a bigger floorplan. We launched our FDM capability and now we have added a ton of new products!

Station Forge and DMG Minis Enter the fray with release of 10th Ed 40k and the ever increasing popularity of the OPR Rulesets I though it best to start catering towards our friends in the Grimdark Realms.

I would like to thank all of my valued customers who have supported the store and by proxy, myself. As the business moves forward I felt that the website looked quite bland and was a bit poxy to look at. So I have spent hours working on a new theme, better navigation and hopefully a much more enjoyable shopping experience. I am sure there will be some hiccups along the way but its nothing we cant work through!

What to look for in the future? Well we will continue expanding our Grimdark Ranges, especially SCI FI, looking specifically at Atlan Forge and Surrogate Minis. As well as continue to put a spotlight on Dark Lord Minis who has been absolutely blowing his releases out of the water each month. Hands down the best middle earth mini creator out there, and we are privileged to be able to work alongside him to bring exactly what players have been needing all along and not copying what the competition is putting out.

What else? Well I will be publishing weekly battle reports mainly of 10th Edition 40K but maybe some OPR:GF as well.

And of course Battleshock 2023! We will be hosting a 1000pts Tournament at the end of July with massive prize support and a huge focus on friendly cinematic games. Bringing a top tier competitive list will not guarantee success. There will be of course other events held later on with a competitive focus for those who want to go all out!

Thanks again and keep an eye out for more updates!